Have a class discussion on angles and folds, determine the area of the various triangles when folded to create the Japanese Doll Bookmark.

Originally, “kimono” was the Japanese word for clothing, however more recently, the word has been used to refer specifically to traditional Japanese clothing. Contrast and compare the history of fashion design in different cultures.

Study the Japanese form of writing called Kanji and try to recreate this logographic style of writing on the bookmark to contain a special message or sentiment.

Owen Jones was a well known design theorist of the nineteenth century. He helped pioneer modern color theory, and his theories on flat patterning and ornament still makes connections with contemporary designers today. Try adding patterns on the bookmark to create color patterns and discuss the psychology behind the designs.

Host a paper bookmark fashion show. Enjoy some tea and Japanese treats. Play some Japanese music in the background. Display books for children on Japanese cultures and traditions.

Art Infused Cross Curriculum Educational Lesson Ideas – Japanese Paper Doll Bookmark

Ideas for ART INFUSED Cross Curriculum Lesson Plans

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