Try making a book of mathematical formulas that can be used for easy reference, or famous mathematicians and their discoveries.

Try making a mini booklet of trivia containing notable political figures, or famous women in history. Think about using famous landmarks from around the globe, infused with interesting facts .

Try making a mini booklet of different types of poetry like, limericks, haiku’s, sonnets, couplets, an elegy, ode or villanelle. Add artistic images to go with the written words.

Make a mini book showing the growth stages of a flower. Planets would be fun to add with a starry space like background. Even adding famous scientists and their discoveries would help enhance and engage students in this hands-on learning process.

Create a mini art booklet, and have students do original images of different art styles, like pop art and abstract art and have them mention time periods and reference artists.

Art Infused Cross Curriculum Educational Lesson Ideas – Mini Self Folding Booklet

Ideas for ART INFUSED Cross Curriculum Lesson Plans

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