Working with measurements requires math, sometimes converting quantities into the metric system or figuring out how to proportionality make larger or smaller amounts. Create a conversion table that will help with preparing food.

Historically ice-cream has been enjoyed by many cultures. Ice-cream or “Cream Ice” as it was called a long time ago, may have been seen at the table of Charles I during the 17th century. Create a skit and use ice-cream as one of the props.

Get creative and make a list of how many ways ice-cream may be served, for example, in a dish or in a cone or with cake or as a shake, See who can come up with the longest list.

Sweet treats can be fun to eat, but talk about the nutritional value of fresh fruit and the vitamins provided in some of the ingredients. Discuss proportion size and how eating right and exercise are important factors in helping to stay healthy

Take pictures of all the ice-cream creations and print them out and exhibit them in a school ice-cream social fund-raiser. Have students write fun captions under each photograph

Art Infused Cross Curriculum Educational Lesson Ideas – Ice Cream Recipe Card

Ideas for ART INFUSED Cross Curriculum Lesson Plans

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